Sound Machine Interview: Drop A Grand

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Why did you choose Drop A Grand as your band name, and does that name carry any significance or symbolism?
It was bestowed upon on us by Midwest guitar prodigy C.L. Meck in a Furnace Room session. No significance or symbolism whatsoever. Why does everything have to be deep or symbolize some shit these days?! It's about the white stuff, OK?? Bargain-basement Gucci Bette platform heels. Umpteen gigabit pickle loaf-thin PDAs incapable of withstanding a water droplet or brush with the tush. Calculated disposability.

Pretend you work in a record store and a customer comes in asking for recommendations. What would that customer have to ask for that would cause you to pick up a Drop A Grand record?
Where would I locate the Flexi's companion-packaged with frozen hogsnoot pizza?

Without throwing anyone under the bus, what’s been the strangest show you’ve ever played?
Northtown Opry with Ronnie McDowell around 2010, 3pm opening slot. The show was off the chain!! Killer light show, grape soda and popcorn. Back then we traveled in a Penske, and it crapped out in the ice storm. A gal named Florence took us in, unveiled her Ezy Dose weekly planner and it was on. Her cousins hobbled over in the snow and left no stone unturned. Older Women REALLY DO Make Great Lovers!!

Drop A Grand is sculpting a Mt. Rushmore of their most influential people. What four faces do you carve?
The founding members of Penguin Café Orchestra. If they truly are people and not machines. If not… Karl Albrecht, Theo Albrecht, Angelo Muscat & Tom T. Hall.

Drop A Grand is in charge of making a three-song mixtape to sendinto outer-space. What three songs make the cut?
The Devil Glitch by Chris Butler. That should do it.

What is Drop A Grand's favorite Halloween candy?
Gummie Teeth

If Drop A Grand hadit’s own cooking show, what would it be called?
Thanks for the reminder. It is a sub-segment of our popular VHS series "The Faux Show"! Two Dolla Bill is one helluva cook, always a kettle of Kung Pao on the range or brisket heaped in a clay baker. Let's title it "The Mystery Chef"!?

Who are you most excited to play with at Sound Machine and why?
The Cult. Maybe Tommy Tutone. But probably The Cult. We're just humbled and excited to perform.

What is the next big thing for Drop A Grand?
I'd like to take this moment to plug my second career at DriveTime™. All fans have to do is complete a simple credit application online or visit one of our many centrally located dealerships. Allow me to sit with you (shouldn't take over 18 minutes) and discuss vehicle options from our diminishing inventory. Chances are you are in much better financial pants to obtain a beat to oblivion, hastily reconditioned tin lizzie at a great rate than the majority of our prey (typically 32-58% APR with minimal down. Think $600 on a $3995 purchase… as reference only, only mind you!) No obligation. Contact me via Friendster or sweep by the merch box at the Oct. 15th show. LET'S MAKE AMERICA GRAND AGAIN!!!


Drop A Grand is:
Unikron (bass & vox)
White n Shitty II (keytar)
Two Dolla Bill (drums)
Gern Blanzden (guitar & vox)


Frequent appearances by:
Pinky Pierson & Gus Blanzden (The Sacred Horns Of Manitoba)
Zee (phaser accordion)
White n Shitty I (plastic sax)
Dr. Flash! (shredder)
Ricardo (finger cymbals)
Whitee (lead guitar)
Sheila P (vibes)
Cutler (harp)

Founded: circa 1975. Full production, touring act: 2000s.

- Yours truly, Gern Blanzden [D.A.G.]

Nathan Reusch