Sound Machine Interview: Westerners


Why did you choose Westerners as your band name, and does that name carry any significance or symbolism?

The name Westerners wasn't thought up with any significance behind it but I do love the connotations the name holds.  Westerners, I feel, leaves an open interpretation. Its whatever you want it to mean.

Pretend you work in a record store and a customer comes in asking for recommendations. What would that customer have to ask for that would cause you to pick up a Westerners record?

If someone asked me for a record of ever expanding dynamics, lush harmonies, Post-pop-rock tinged songwriting, classic vibes with modern influence, Id grab that new Westerners record for them so quick.  (When it comes out)

Without throwing anyone under the bus, what’s been the strangest show you’ve ever played?

Not necessarily strange, but definitely the worst. Not too long ago we got pulled over just outside of Columbia Mo on our way to a venue there to play a gig.  Everyone got tickets and Mitch was taken to jail.  Got out on bail and drove the 2 hours straight back home. Defeated as ever. 

Westerners is sculpting a Mt. Rushmore of their most influential people. What four faces do you carve?

Oh man.  It would have to be like 30 faces. Too much inspiration in this world.

Westerners is in charge of making a three-song mixtape to send into outer-space. What three songs make the cut?

Again, these are hard questions. We all listen to so much different music and are inspired by it all. Maybe........  Now This Is Music Vol 11

What is Westerners' favorite Halloween candy?


If Westerners had it’s own cooking show, what would it be called?

DAMN THAT’S GOOD: An Educational Cooking show

Who are you most excited to play with at Sound Machine and why?


What is the next big thing for Westerners?

2016 has been a great year, but not necessarily our most productive. At least to the discerning eye.  We've finished up our debut full length record, Reoccurring Dream Theme, slated to come out on Record Machine in the spring of 2017 and played several memorable shows. Next year, once the album is out, we are hitting the road like never before to promote it.  Planning on doing some split releases, tours with local homies, vinyl/cassette releases, ridiculous show set ups, at least one video for our single. Really, 2017 is going to be the year we've been working towards since we started and we want to get everyone as excited about it as we are.

Westerners is:

guitarist/singer Mitch Hewlett

bassist Josh Hartranft

guitarist Matt Pelsma

drummer Kainen Spooner


Mitch and Josh formed the band in the summer of 2013 at a crowded, musician filled farmhouse in the middle of nowhere kansas.

Nathan Reusch