Sound Machine Interview: Smitty The Kid

The vibe out here is crazy. Shout out to a city that supports [musicians] Virginia they just sit at the bar and look at you.
— Smitty The Kid

Smitty the Kid is a local emcee originally from Hampton, VA who decided to relocate to Kansas City after a conversation with some Strange Music artists and affiliates.

In March of 2016 Smitty the Kid dropped the lead single Long Walk Home (produced by Jas Beat) off his soon to be released EP Chapter 1- ADD & Nicotine, and followed that up with another single in December called Stay Alive (produced by Kandon Kryser) featuring Chris Rivers and Kid Blaze.

"We got screwed by J.Cole. I was like "Yeah, we're going to drop this song!" and I was crazy excited. We get the date, December 2nd, and this was going to be our day...again I'm excited. Then [my friends] were like, "So, J.Cole just announced his album dropping next week." and I was like shit! You cut me deep Cole, haha."

...I was like shit! You cut me deep [J.]Cole, haha.
— Smitty The Kid

Gearing up for an exciting 2017, Smitty The Kid will be opening our Sound Machine KC ØØ4 event on January 14th at The Record Bar in KCMO. You can stream the interview below for a deeper dive into our conversation with Smitty the Kid and be sure to listen all the way through to hear his hilarious responses to our standard Sound Machine KC questions.

Tickets for the 18+ event are available now for a discounted price of $8:

Alex Ellis