The rock/soul act has been Lincoln’s top draw for a few years now...
— Chance Solem-Pfeifer (Hear Nebraska)

Hailing from Lincoln, AZP are a self described "American Rock/Soul sextet...mixed with a bit of Hip-Hop, topped off with valuable lyrics of life, freedom, and change." They released their well received second EP Triangles in 2016, further molding their sound by integrating Latin influences. The group has have toured the states and have played events such as Sofar Omaha and Live@KJHK.

We were able to catch up with AZP during a cold winter day back in December, to talk about their local scene, challenges they've had to overcome, what it's like to song write and tour with six members...and we get a chance to discuss some of our standard Sound Machine questions.

Lincoln, over the last five years, has grown hugely when it comes to the music scene. Alot of them Omaha cats...have come down [to Lincoln] to try and gain that push because Lincoln has grown so much.

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