I love the freestyle game. I love to see what a person can make in that moment. I feel like that’s what truely makes a battle emcee a performer. How good are you on the spot? How witty are you?
— The Abnorm

The Abnorm is a self proclaimed "...outspoken, risk taking MC that has the bars to back it up." He entered the local music scene roughly nine years ago and has been part of the growing Kansas City battle rap scene ever since.

In 2016 The Abnorm released his fourth studio album called The Renaissance EP, in which he wrote the beats for, wrote the rhymes for, recorded and fully produced, while only handing the mastering tasks of the album off to Julius "LS" Hychie. The EP discusses "...the elements of Abnorm's philosophies towards Pop Culture, Education, Relationships, [and] Religion". Likewise, the EP contains a feature from the infamous Stik Figa on the track Big Dreams and also birthed his ethos #StyleStyle or more formally "My Style Got Style".

It’s a “I’m better than you” type of feeling, but I’m better at being me than you are being you...and I’m a demonstrate it.
— The Abnorm

We had the pleasure of catching up with The Abnorm at his spot to discuss his rise, thoughts on the local hip hop scene, and he drops some knowledge on the battle rap scene. As always, be sure to stay tuned throughout the interview to hear his thoughts on our standard #SoundMachineKC questions.