Sound Machine Interview: Mess


Who are the members of Mess and when did the band come together?

The members of Mess are Kevin Briody (Guitar), Allison Gliesman (Vocals/Bass), Tanner Pinkerton (Guitar) and Aleks Ortiz (Drummer).

Mess started as a two person project between myself (Kevin) and Allison in the spring of 2016. I met Allison when she was playing original solo material on a ukulele (I know, right) at an open mic night. I thought Allison was great, so naturally, I pestered her over the course of a few months to jam with me. Despite making up thirty thousand excuses, we ended up hanging out and we clicked immediately. We played a few stripped down shows in the summer of 2016 as just the two of us before deciding we wanted to make Mess more of a full band. Allison traded in her ukelele for a bass, and our good friend Luke from the band Fiction Department graciously filled in on drums for a while until we met Tanner and Aleks. The whole process of building the band from start to finish took about a year.


Why did you choose Mess as your band name, and does that name carry any significance or symbolism?

The idea for the band name came from one of Allison’s poems. Mess holds different interpretations between both ourselves and the people we show our music to, and that’s something we embrace.

Pretend you work in a record store and a customer comes in asking for recommendations. What would that customer have to ask for that would cause you to pick up a Mess record?

“Hey my girlfriend just broke up with me and I want to continue riding this downward spiral but have fun doing it.”


Without throwing anyone under the bus, what’s been the strangest show you’ve ever played?

Without a doubt, our first show. It was our first time playing out as a band and we were all pushed into a small corner without any monitors.  The space was so small that we had to put the amps in front of the band, which made hearing ourselves incredibly difficult. It was strange to say the least.

Describe your sound in three words.

Candid atmospheric narrations.

What is the next big thing for Mess?

The next big thing for us is constantly changing, which I think is healthy. Right now we’re really looking forward to releasing our debut EP (which will have a release date announced soon), but we’ve also written an incredible amount of new material that isn’t on this first EP, and it’s hard not to be excited about that as well. These shows we have coming up, both Sound Machine and Middle of the Map Fest, will without a doubt be some of the highlights of our year. The morale in our group is incredibly high, and we’re all very eager to continue working on everything from our live performance to our music itself.

Mess is is sculpting a Mt. Rushmore of their most influential people. What four faces do you carve?

Kevin - Jesse Lacey

Allison - Keaton Henson

Tanner - Goldberg

Aleks - Mick Jenkins

It doesn’t look like our Mt. Rushmore is going to get a lot of financial backing.

Mess is in charge of making a three-song mixtape to send into outer-space. What three songs make the cut?

Daughter - Shallows

Mothers - It Hurts Until It Doesn’t

Julien Baker - Funeral Pyre

If aliens can cry, there is about to be a lot more water found on Mars.

If Mess had it’s own cooking show, what would it be called?

I think whatever we called it, it would just end up as a top ramen or pizza rolls commercial because that is about the extent of the band’s culinary skills.

What is each of your guilty pleasure song and/or album?

Kevin - Bowling For Soup’s “A Hangover You Don’t Deserve”. Two Seater is my jam.

Allison - I still cry to Because of You by Kelly Clarkson sometimes, if that’s what you mean.

Tanner - Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake

Aleks - Cool by Gwen Stefani

mess plays sound Machine KC April 7th with Cloud Nothings and False Brother

Nathan Reusch