Sound Machine Interview: Emily Heller


What got you started in comedy?

I took a class in college. I got an A+. Turns out I'm a dang NERD!!!

Pretend you work in a record store and a customer comes in asking for recommendations. What would that customer have to ask for that would cause you to pick up an Emily Heller record?

If someone asks for both a Weird Al and a Le Tigre album in the same breath, I feel comfortable recommending my album to them.

Without throwing anyone under the bus, what’s been the strangest show you’ve ever played?

I refuse to answer this question without throwing someone under the bus!

The weirdest show I ever did was a college gig for a "Vegas Night." It was in the dining hall as all the kids were eating and I had to follow an Elvis impersonator who walked around serenading people while I was telling jokes. I stood onstage reciting my act even though only two people in the whole room could hear me over the din of eating, talking, and "you ain't nothin but a hound dog."

Describe your comedy in three words.

Smart, stupid, medium.

What is the next big thing for Emily Heller?

Probably an Etsy store or some shit.

If you were sculpting a Mt. Rushmore of your most influential people. What four faces do you carve?

Maria Bamford, Lynda Barry, Ali Wong, Weird Al.

You are in charge of making a three-song mixtape to send into outer-space. What three songs make the cut?

The Star Spangled Banner, Proud to be an American, and The National Anthem. This is to get patriotic people to come to the show.

Actually to stick with the theme: Weird Al songs, so that aliens think those are the originals.

If you had your own cooking show, what would it be called?

"Breakfast again?"

What is your guilty pleasure song and/or album?

Song: Let It Go

Album: any Ani DiFranco album where she has dreadlocks on the cover

Nathan Reusch